Interests & Expertise
Future Experiments, Strategic Foresight, Systems Innovation, Design & Systems Thinking, Digital Transformation & Society, Sustainability Transitions, Scenario Planning, Systems Transformation, Digital Products, Technology, Organisational Development.

A Partner at Dezentrum Think & Do Tank for Digital Transformation & Society
B Strategy & Product Development at Ting Community
C Digital Transformation at Naturpark Beverin

Past Work
A Product Development Climeworks Subscription (2019) 8000+ Subscribers
B Product Design Codecheck App (2015) 4.5 Mio. Users

‘Innovation comes from collective effort, not a narrow group of white men in California. If we want to solve the world’s biggest problems we better understand that.’

Mariana Mazzucato (2019)

‘We shaped frameworks, and in turn they shaped us. 20th century approaches like design thinking, human-centered design, and jobs to be done too often look at people solely as individuals.’

Society Centred Design Manifesto (2020)

‘The best way to predict the future is to design it.’

Buckminster Fuller

‘Renting Is Terrible. Owning Is Worse. A third option is necessary: a way to rent without making someone else rich.’

Shane Philipps (2021)

‘The goal of the future is full unemployment so we can play.’

Arthur C. Clarke

‘We have to stop using technology to optimise human beings for the market and start optimising technology for the human future.’

Douglas Rushkoff (2019)

‘1% of the people with the highest CO₂ emissions emit more than 50% of the people with the lowest CO₂ emissions.’

Thomas Piketty (2020)

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